[Series] Smart Phonics 1 2 3 4 5 — FULL Ebook Download #492

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"Smart Phonics 1: Single letter sounds
Smart Phonics 2: Short vowels
Smart Phonics 3: Long vowels
Smart Phonics 4: Double letter consonants
Smart Phonics 5: Double letter vowels
Smart Phonics is an easy-to-teach 5 level series for elementary school children who are studying English as a foreign language. The books were especially written for students in Asia. The series begins with single letter sounds then adds the short and long vowels and finally the vowel and consonant double letter combinations. This carefully designed step-by-step building approach uses fun writing activity, listening activities, and games to take students through all the phonics they will need to read most English words"

Download links
Smart Phonics 1.pdf
Smart Phonics 2.pdf
Smart Phonics 3.pdf
Smart Phonics 4.pdf
Smart Phonics 5.pdf

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