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Reading Starter New Edition is a three-book reading series designed for young, beginner EFL students. To capture and maintain the interest of young learners, each book in the series contains a variety of reading forms including fictional stories, letters, diary entries, charts and graphs, newspaper articles, and more. In addition, each reading passage is accompanied by a variety of exercises designed to practice all four language skills. Each unit includes comprehension and vocabulary questions to enhance reading skills, a thematically-related dialog to practice listening comprehension, a guided dialog for speaking practice, and question prompts to help students write about their own experiences related to each unit's topic. By carefully controlling the progression of grammar, vocabulary, and passage length in each book, the Reading Starter New Edition series provides students an engaging and fun means to improve their fluency in English.

"Features :
- Full-color photos and illustrations
- Activities for reading, listening, speaking and writing
- Various reading genres presented throughout the series
- Audio recording of listening activities
- Teacher`s guide with answer key and teacher`s tips
- Free downloadable supplemental material"

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