[Series] My First English Adventure starter 1 2 — FULL Ebook + Audio Download #459

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My First English Adventure helps you engage and motivate your pupils, making English relevant to them by using the magical worlds of the Disney stories and characters they already know and love.

Helps you cater for the many different learning styles you may find in your class with a variety of activities including songs, stickers, drawing and Total Physical Response
Encourages your pupils to start speaking in English - fun songs and chants really get pupils’ attention
Helps you create fun, varied lessons using the wide range of components, including Mickey Mouse puppet, Activity Mat, Posters, Songs and Chants CD, CD-ROM and the engaging video
Teacher Support

Easy-to-use Teacher’s Book interleaved with Pupil’s Book pages
Be confident in the classroom – the Teacher’s Book gives you detailed information on everything from how to use the Pupil’s Book, to ideas for using the Mickey Mouse puppet
Download extra activities and teaching tips from the English Adventure companion Website
Make your lessons fun and varied with minimal preparation using the wide range of components and practical ideas in the Teacher’s Book

Download links
My_first_english_adventure_1_Songs and
My_first_english_adventure_2_Class Audio.7z
My_first_english_adventure_2_Songs and
My First English Adventure_2_TB.pdf
My First English Adventure Assessment Booklet_S..

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