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Accompanied by Ty the Panda, Leo the Leopard and Mia the Meerkat, Happy Trails is a perfect introduction to English for the first two years of primary school. The carefully scaffolded grammar, skills and vocabulary syllabus lays a strong foundation for language development and the breathtaking National Geographic photography and content allows pupils to embark on a trail of discovery through different countries, cultures and experiences.

Pupils learn about the world of other pupils their age all over the world - broadening their horizons and developing their cross cultural skills.
Fun illustrated stories combined with authentic National Geographic material appeal to the highly visual needs of learners this age as well as to their sense of adventure.
Projects, songs and games ensure that the course is developing the whole child alongside the acquisition of English.
A revised and refreshed Interactive Whiteboard component now offers greater ease of use and more flexibility.
About the ContributorAUTHOR
Jennifer Heath
Jennifer Heath is a freelance ELT writer and editor with over ten years’ experience creating Kindergarten and Primary level materials for Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She is an EFL teacher and has over twenty years of experience teaching young learners. She is dedicated to making learning English a rewarding experience for young learners with materials that are up-to-date, fun and accessible to each age group.

Table of Contents
Trek & His Reporters

Unit 1: People, Family & Animals
Unit 2: Adjectives, Personal Items & Toys
Unit 3: Nature Words & More Animals
Let's Remember!
Fun & Games

Unit 4: Numbers 11-20, School & Classroom Objects
Unit 5: Parts of the Body, More Adjectives & Pets
Unit 6: More Personal Items & Clothes
Let's Remember!
Fun & Games

Unit 7: Verbs & Music
Unit 8: Sports, Activities & More Verbs
Unit 9: Places
Let's Remember!
Fun & Games

Unit 10: Rooms of the House & Food
Unit 11: Days of the Week & More Verbs
Unit 12: More Nature Words, Times of the Day & Seasons
Let's Remember!
Fun & Games

Play 1: Little Red Riding Hood
Play 2: The Hare and the Tortoise

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happy_trails_1_activity book_national geography_learning.pdf
happy_trails_1_cd_1_national geography_learning.7z
happy_trails_1_cd_2_national geography_learning.7z
happy_trails_1_grammar_national geography_learning.pdf
happy_trails_2_pupil_s_book_s_vypolnennymi_uprazhneniyami_national geography_learning.pdf
happy_trails_2_pupils_cd_national geography_
happy_trails_2_activity_book_national geography_learning.pdf
happy_trails_2_grammar_national geography_learning.pdf

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