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"Experience the fun in learning English

Fast-paced, cool and engaging – Gold Experience will motivate your teenage students with its varied, age-appropriate topics and activities. Contexts such as the internet, social media, television and magazines are relevant to teenagers' lives and content-rich CLIL topics help your students learn about the world.Gold Experience offers a complete package of print and digital materials, which provide maximum flexibility for your teaching situation.This brand new five-level exam preparation and general English course for teenagers is completely in line with the Cambridge English: First for Schools 2015 specifications."

"Master the art of teaching teens...

Let's face it. Teaching teenagers can be fun but it’s also a challenge. Not-quite-yet-an-adult and not-still-a-child is a difficult thing to be. Teens have a true thirst for knowledge, while their interests, emotions and frustrations vary enormously. The way to get them to learn and be motivated is to use the right activities and topics for them.Gold Experience takes care of all that. Fast-paced material ensures teens don't get bored and contexts such as the internet, social media, television and magazines are relevant to teenagers’ lives while content-rich CLIL topics help them learn about the world."

"..using the technology teens love

Teens love using the internet and other media for entertainment as well as learning. With Gold Experience you'll be able to add to their thirst for technology with the interesting videos taken from authentic documentaries as well as podcasts filmed by teens.

Check out these two short clips for a taster of the exciting topics and podcasts that await your students. >image descriptionGive them loads of extra skills practice and tests in the MyEnglishLab that goes with the course material. All their work will be automatically graded allowing you to focus on their common errors and feed back on what really matters. This way you'll be able to provide a positive learning environment in which adolescents feel happy, secure, valued and motivated to learn."

"Mixed classes and 
preparing for exams

Teenagers like to have clear objectives with goals they can achieve. The satisfaction of receiving that good grade in their language exam is enormous.

Pearson has been a trusted publisher of exams materials for decades. With successful courses like Activate! and Gold, that fine line between fun learning and exam preparation is one we have mastered.Students will be preparing for the exam in such a fun way that they will hardly know it was ‘exam preparation’ they were focussing on... and without even realising it they will pass the exam with flying colours. So with Gold Experience, your teenage students will achieve the results expected of them. Oh, and by the way, Gold Experience B2 is in line with Cambridge First For Schools 2015 exam specifications. Job done!"

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