[Series] Focus on Vocabulary 1 2 — FULL Ebook Download #484

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"Focus on Vocabulary 1&2

The research-based Focus on Vocabulary series breaks down vocabulary acquisition tasks into achievable, short-term language acquisition goals. Excerpts from popular material give students hands-on preparation for understanding vocabulary as it is found social, academic, and workplace settings.

Learners need to have a very large vocabulary an estimated 6,000 to 7,000 word families according to recent research, to function effectively in an English-speaking environment, and even more to read a range of authentic texts. Now in an expanded two-book series, the research-based Focus on Vocabulary breaks down this seemingly daunting task into achievable, short-term language acquisition goals."

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Focus on Vocabulary 1.pdf
Focus on Vocabulary 1 Key.pdf
Focus on Vocabulary 2.pdf
Focus on Vocabulary 2 Key.pdf

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