[Series] First Explorers 1 2 — FULL Ebook + Audio Download #441

10:15:00 PM
Charlotte Covill, Mary Charrington, Paul Shipton, Nina Lauder, Suzanne Torres, Shona Evans and Sarah Philips

An exciting six level Primary course that brings real-world English into the classroom. Explorers helps children learn English by encouraging them to explore the world around them.

Part of: Explorers
Other levels: Young Explorers , World Explorers
Explorers provides a wide range of components to support teachers and students on their journey of discovery. By using real-world content to introduce language, Explorers invites comparisons with students' own experiences, and encourages broader educational values.

Carefully structured grammar presentation ensures students become confident with new language.
Rich DVD content offers a unique opportunity to see the real world in action and language in use.
Unique CLIL presentation tools help teachers explore different areas of the curriculum.
Fun 'Explorer Quests' at every level encourage review and recycling of vocabulary.
Extra practice material in the Class Book provides support for the Cambridge English Young learners Tests

Download links
First Explorers 1_CB.pdf
First Explorers 1_CB_CD1.7z
First Explorers 1_CB_CD2.7z
First Explorers 1_CB_Video1.7z
First Explorers 1_CB_Video2.7z
First Explorers 1_CB_Video3.7z
First Explorers 1_AB.pdf
First Explorers 2_CB.pdf
First Explorers 2_CB_CD1.7z
First Explorers 2_CB_CD2.7z
First Explorers 2_CB_Video1.7z
First Explorers 2_CB_Video2.7z
First Explorers 2_CB_Video3.7z
First Explorers 2_AB.pdf

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