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"If you are learning English and want extra help with vocabulary, this book is for you - it will give you the words, that need to communicate with certainty. Each section of the book begins with the ""Fundamentals"". Make sure that you know all these words. When you think you know the words, trying to ""Test Your Basics"". ""Expansion"" Then - it will help you learn more words, and help with the problems before you try the exercises in the next section. Finally there is a ""recapitulation"", which should help you check, remember and write down what you did. At the end of each section you will find answers to the tasks. On the record, and the British and American voices.

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Contents E / Contents:
01. Language to Learn Language
02. Ideas for Learning Language
03. Animals
04. Body (1)
05. Body (2)
06. Clothes (1)
07. Clothes (2)
08. Drink
09. Family
10. Food (1)
11. Food (2)
12. House and Household (1)
13. House and Household (2)
14. People and Jobs
15. Shopping
16. Time (1)
17. Time (2)
18. Weather
19. Reading texts"

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Teach Yourself English Vocabulary.pdf
Teach Yourself English Vocabulary (Audio 1-13).rar
Teach Yourself English Vocabulary (Audio 14-15)..
Teach Yourself English Vocabulary (Audio 16-17)..
Teach Yourself English Vocabulary (Audio 18-19)..

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