[Series] Target Vocabulary 1 2 3 Penguin — FULL Ebook Download #291

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"books from the series ""Target Vocabulary"" designed for training and vocabulary.

The book is divided by levels:
1: Elementary - Pre-Intermediate (1,100 key words)
2: Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate (1,500 key words)
3 : Intermediate - Advanced (1,200 key words )

Each book contains more than 1,000 keywords (key words), which are practiced in interesting exercise, divided into several themes. Each book is divided into six main sections, after the second and third followed by screening tests. At the end of the book you will find answers to the exercises and tests, as well as a list of key words.

The book is divided:

Book 1: People | House and home | Jobs, sport and leisure | Food, shops and shopping | The world of nature | Adjectives, verbs and Prepositions

Book 2: People | Towns, travel and transport | Holidays and entertainment | Education, books and the media | Word-building | Adjectives, verbs and Prepositions

Book 3: People | Health and illness | Crime and punishment | Phrasal verbs | Idioms 1 | Idioms 2 "

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