"A new, refreshed edition of the five-level English course for teenagers, with a clear structure, supported approach to speaking, practice, and exam preparation still at its heart. Includes an Online Workbook and Words app for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate, and iTools for all levels.

Szint: Elementary to Intermediate (A1-C1)
Solutions has been thoroughly modernized with 80% new content to draw in students, embed the grammar and vocabulary presented, and engage them in the tasks. Its guided approach builds up every student’s confidence, through step-by-step objectives, lots of practice, meaningful personalization activities, and exam preparation tasks.

The course now embraces a wide range of teaching methods, furnishing the teacher with a flexible pick-and-choose package for use in the classroom, at home, and on the move. The Online Workbook enhances independent learning with a variety of interactive features while iTools enables you to enliven the material and vary the pace and focus of your lessons.

Solutions turns all students into active learners, by offering a rich variety of learning opportunities for a whole range of abilities through extension and revision activities in all components - giving everyone a sense of achievement whatever their level.
Workbook and Audio CD PackOnline WorkbookTeacher’s Book and CD-ROM PackTest Bank CD-ROMClass Audio CDsDVD-ROMiToolsWords App"

Download links
Solutions Upper WB CD 2ndEdition.zip
Solutions 2ndEd_WB Answers.pdf
Solutions 2ndEd_WB.pdf
Solutions_2ndEd_Int_Test Bank.zip
Solutions Pre-Int SB CDs.zip
Solutions 2nd Ed - Pre-Int_WB.zip
Solutions Pre-Int SB CDs.zip
Solutions 2nd Ed - Pre-Int - Extra Teacher's Re..
Solutions 2nd Ed - Elementary - SB.PDF
Solutions 2nd Ed_Elementary_Audio.7z
Solutions 2nd Ed_ Elementary_ WB Audio.7z
Solutions_2nd_Ed_Elementary_Teacher's resources.7z
Solutions_Elementary SB.pdf
Solutions ELM SB CD1.7z
Solutions ELM SB CD2.7z
Solutions ELM SB CD3.7z
Solutions ELM iTools.7z
Solutions ELM Multi-ROM.7z

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