[Series] Activities for Pair Works 1 2 3 — FULL Ebook Download #245

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"41 stimulating pair-work activities in each book including role-plays, simulations and problem-solving
English intensive conversation practice based around practical, contemporary topics
Ideal to introduce or supplement a lesson - each activity can be completed in 15-30 minutes"""

The advantages of pair work and small group work

Gives learners more speaking time
Changes the pace of the lesson
Takes the spotlight off you and puts it onto the children
Allows them to mix with everyone in the group
Gives them a sense of achievement when reaching a team goal
Teaches them how to lead and be led by someone other than the teacher
It allows you to monitor, move around the class and really listen to the language they are producing.

Download links
Activities for Pair Work 1_A1-A2.pdf
Activities for Pair Work 2_B1-B2.pdf
Activities for Pair Work 3_B2-C1.pdf

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