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"Tutorials to expand vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs.

1. Guy Wellman The Wordbuilder.
A great benefit to work on vocabulary. Level - advanced or upper-intermediate. Wordbuilder it consists of 60 units, each of which focuses on the vocabulary of one particular subject. In addition, each section provided vocabulary (in a rather interesting way - that the texts and games, crosswords and puzzles) offers a set of exercises.

2 - 3. Key Words for Fluency - (Pre- Intermediate, Intermediate) provides practice in learning some phrases of the most useful words in the English language. Perfect for preparing for exams: the Cambridge the FCE, the CAE, Proficiency and the IELTS

4. J.Wright Idioms of The Organiser.
The unique edition of the idioms of the English language. Idioms are distributed by theme. It is accompanied by exercises.
The textbook has a clear structure, its purpose - to develop vocabulary, expanding its range of the most common idiomatic and metaphoric expressions.

5. English Idioms 101 American

6. 2000 Russian-English idioms.

7. English Idioms In Use
In the book of the famous series In Use contains about 1000 idiomatic expressions used in spoken English. The book consists of 60 chapters. Lexical material presented on the left side of each section, and on the right are the exercises on his detention.

8. Phrasal Verbs in Use
Multiple represented here phrasal verbs and phrases in the book series In Use are used in examinations such as the CAE, CPE and IELTS. Also, these books study will be very useful for all learners of English language, because here you will find almost all commonly used phrases that are used in modern English. Also in the book are the exercises for self-control with the answers at the end of the tutorial.

9. Check your vocabulary for Phrasal Verbs and Idioms. Textbook of phrasal verbs and idioms."

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