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"Description: This collection is dedicated to this thorny section of English as phrasal verbs. The book is intended for those who have mastered English at the primary level. It's hard to tell what the textbook presented better - a matter of taste, for sure everyone will find something for themselves.
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"1. ""A good turn to phrase"" Virginia Evans, James Milton, pdf, не нашел год издания
2. ""English Phrasal verbs in use"" Michael McCarthy, Felicity O'Dell, pdf, 2004 г.
3. ""English Collocation in use"" Michael McCarthy, Felicity O'Dell, pdf, не нашел год издания
4. ""Phrasal verbs and idioms - advanced"" Graham Workman, pdf
5. ""Phrasal verbs and idioms - upper-intermediate"" Graham Workman, pdf
6. ""Making sense of phrasal verbs"" Martin Shovel, pdf, 1992 г.
7. ""The ultimate phrasal verb book"", Word
8. ""Really learn 100 phrasal verbs"", pdf, 2002 г.
9. ""Test your phrasal verbs"" Jake Alsop, djvu, 2000 г."

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English Collocations In Use.pdf
English Phrasal Verbs in Use.pdf
Making Sense Phrasal Verbs.pdf
phrasal verb.pdf
phrasal verbs and idioms.pdf
Test Your Phrasal Verbs - Jake Alsop.djvu

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