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"MacMillan Visual Dictionaries

1. MacMillan Visual Dictionary. Do-It-Yourself
This part of Macmillan Visual Dictionary includes such items as carpentry tools, building materials, lock, masonry, plumbing bathroom, plumbing, ladders and stepladders, painting upkeep, soldering and welding, electricity.

2. Macmillan. Visual dictionary. Animal kingdom

Pictures with names of different animals and the structural parts of their body.

3. Macmillan. Visual dictionary. Astronomy
The book includes such items as earth coordinate system, solar system and sun, moon, phases of the moon, seasons of the year, galaxy, comet and others.

4. Macmillan. Visual dictionary. Vegetable kingdom

This part of Macmillan visual dictionary includes such items as mush room, types of leaves, structure of a plant, conifer, structures of a tree and a flower, grape, fleshy fruit: berry fruit, citrus fruit, dry fruit, tropical fruit, vegetables, herbs.

5. Macmillan. Visual dictionary. Geography
The book also includes such items as volcanoes, caves, glacier, mountain, ecology, meteorology, weather satellite and a lot of other.

6. Macmillan. Visual dictionary architecture
All words which uses in architecture with photos.

Download links
Macmillan. Visual dictionary architecture.pdf
Macmillan. Visual dictionary. Animal kingdom.pdf
Macmillan. Visual dictionary. Astronomy.pdf
Macmillan. Visual dictionary. Geography.pdf
Macmillan. Visual dictionary. Vegetable kingdom..

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