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"1. How to Teach All Year Round Like a Pro
This is a book you can use all year round. It takes you through each month and season with activities, games and crafts that guarantee plenty of ESL fun but also tons of learning.

2. How to Teach Vocabulary Like a Pro
Words really are fun! If you just use a little imagination and your students exercise their gray matter, they can do far more than just memorize a list of words and their definitions!
Top moves for introducing and practicing vocabulary at all levels.

3. How to Teach Teenagers Like a Pro
All of the information you need to teach teenagers, a segment of learners with extremely unique needs that you can’t treat the same as either children or fully-grown adults."

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How to teach a year round like a pro.pdf
How to teach teenagers like a pro.pdf
How to teach Vocabulary like a pro.pdf

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