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1. the Good of The Book the Grammar - is designed for learners of English and can be used starting from the Elementary level. The authors have created a book for self-study. The book consists of 21 sections, each section begins with an introduction and test (a test designed to identify gaps in your knowledge). At the end of this section you will find a test which will help you understand how well you have mastered a particular topic. The grammar in the book served in small portions, in a few lines, which are followed by exercises to consolidate the material.

2. How English works - suitable for everyone, starting with Elementary. Perfect for independent work.

3. Basic English Usage - differs from other grammatical benefits that this book Swan organizes grammar easier - in pictures. Visually and entertaining!

4. Practical English Usage [3rd edition] - the world bestseller and serious grammar reference that helps foreign students and teachers to cope with the typical complexities of the English language.

5. Grammar Scan (Diagnostical Tests for Practical English Usage) - includes test level Upper-Intermediate (29 tests), Advanced (29 tests) and Expert (30 tests) to test students' knowledge of key aspects of English grammar and usage. Use as an addition to the previous book.
Keys to the tests applied. "

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