[Series] Oxford YLE Tests Starters Movers Flyers — FULL Ebook + Audio Download #213

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[Oxford] YLE Tests Starters Movers Flyers
Four complete practice tests, in colour, to provide 7-12 year-olds with authentic practice for the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English (YLE) Tests. These new editions are updated for the revised exams (January 2007).

For use with any primary course.
Includes complimentary Audio CD.
Student's Book includes Object cards for Speaking papers, and Starters Vocabulary List.
Teacher's Booklet includes Answer Keys and transcripts, Teaching tips, Revision tips, and Tips for test day.

Download links
Ox YLE Tests Starters SB.pdf
Ox YLE Tests Starters TB.pdf
Ox YLE Tests Movers SB.pdf
Ox YLE Tests Movers TB.pdf
Ox YLE Tests Flyers SB.pdf
Ox YLE Tests Flyers TB.pdf
Oxford YLE Tests Starters Audio
Oxford YLE Tests Movers Audio
Oxford YLE Tests Flyers Audio

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