[Series] Macmillan YLE Practice Tests Starters Movers Flyers — FULL Ebook Download #214

3:22:00 PM

The Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English Tests are often a child's first experience of exams and the emphasis is very much on making the experience a positive one.

This is reflected both in our beautifully illustrated practice tests and in the Teacher's Notes, with practical activity ideas for each of the Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters, Movers and Flyers tests.

These books are the ideal bridge between coursebook and exam.

Download links
Mm YLE Tests Starters TB.pdf
Mm YLE Tests Movers SB.pdf
Mm YLE Tests Movers TB.pdf
Mm YLE Tests Flyers SB.pdf
Mm YLE Tests Flyers TB.pdf

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