[Series] MacMillan Topics People Places Animals Communication Travel Tourism... (PDF) — FULL Ebook Download #193

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The Macmillan Topics present interesting factual topics in a fun magazine format, motivating students to read in English. The cross-circular nature of the series makes it easy to integrate school subjects with English language learning.

Topics related to science, history and the arts provide specialized information and viewpoints
A Word File glossary of key vocabulary on each page gives essential "while reading" lexical support, with common American and British English differences noted
A 'Check it Out' section provides an up-to-date checklist of specialist language, plus useful websites
Mini-projects and Investigation Points
A light-hearted quiz page gives more opportunities for discovery and fun

Download links
MTopics People.pdf
MTopics Places.pdf
MTopics Animals.pdf
MTopics Sports.pdf
MTopics Environment.pdf
MTopics Festivals.pdf
MTopics Communication.pdf
MTopics Entertainment.pdf
MTopics Consumers.pdf
MTopics Travel and Tourism.pdf

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