[Series] DELTA Business Communication Skills — FULL Ebook + Audio Download #189

9:09:00 AM

The Delta Business Communication Skills series is designed to help learners at pre-intermediate and intermediate level to master the key communication skills required in international business English today.
Each book and accompanying audio CD provides six core units, each containing these sections:
● context to raise awareness of the skills involved in effective communication and to introduce different strategies for developing these skills
● presentation and practice of core language connected to each skill
● consolidation, which allows students to apply what they have learnt to their real-life work situation
Each book in the series is designed for classroom use, but is also suitable for self-study.

Delta BCSkills E-mailing.pdf
Delta BCSkills E-mailing
Delta BCSkills Negotiating.pdf
Delta BCSkills Negotiating
Delta BCSkills Socialising.pdf
Delta BCSkills Socialising

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