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Titles to suit even the most demanding of teenage classes.

The series includes cross-cultural lessons, grammar, vocabulary or skill development, games, raps and communicative activities and everyday, practical English.

Tried and tested by teachers around the world, these are full of imaginative, lively activities and perfect for introducing, consolidating or practising recently taught structures and lexical sets.

Many books come with audio CDs, or with a free poster to brighten up your classroom walls!

40 Combined Skills Lessons for the Common European Framework (with CD)
96 pages
A1 – A2 levels
A comprehensive collection of 40 ready-to-go combined skills worksheets closely adhering to the Common European Framework descriptors at A1 and A2 levels.

40 More Combined Skills Lessons for the Common European Framework B1 (with CD)

112 pages
B1 level
This invaluable resource provides focused, communicative practice of all four skills for teenage students at CEF level B1. All lessons have vocabulary activities and culminate in speaking and writing tasks.

50 Mixed-Ability Grammar Lessons
Elementary-Intermediate (A1–B1)
136 pages
This rich resource provides grammar practice activities for the mixed-ability class covering the main Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate structures. Each lesson contains three graded levels of activity based around each structure.

British History Highlights (with poster)
96 pages
Free poster
Pre-Intermediate–Upper-Intermediate (A2–B2)
This fascinating title presents highlights of British history in a way which will directly appeal to teenage students. Topics include Crazy Kings and Cool Queens, Worst Wars and Dreadful Disasters. Students are prompted to link historical events to present day situations, and personal project suggestions are included.

Common European Framework Assessment Tests (with CD)
Elementary-Upper-Intermediate (A1-B2)
112 pages
An ideal resource for assessing students’ progress at any stage during their secondary-level English studies, this resource book provides a series of tests which assess students’ ability against the Common European Framework descriptors at A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels.

Cross-curricular English Activities
All levels
96 pages
Elementary–Intermediate (A1–B1)
Aimed at students who have 1 to 3+ years of English, age group of 11-16 years old. The book is divided into five sections: Geography, Science, History, Life Skills and Maths. The activities in the book aim to practise and extend the student’s knowledge of English and the other subject area. The activities are stimulating, interesting and fun.

Customs and Lifestyle in the English-speaking World (with CD)
Intermediate–Upper-intermediate (B1–B2)
80 pages
This informative resource presents aspects of lifestyle and culture in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa from a teenage perspective. Each country is viewed through a range of topics, including sport, food and folklore. A CD of the principal texts and interviews, recorded by native speakers, is included.

Customs and Lifestyle in the UK & Ireland
96 pages
Pre-Intermediate–Upper Intermediate (A2–B2)
This stimulating resource provides a real insight into everyday culture, customs and lifestyle from the UK and Ireland presented through activities, reading texts and communicative games.

Elementary Listening (with CDs)
Elementary–Pre-Intermediate (A1–A2)
80 pages
2 CDs
This book contains a motivating range of communicative activities based around listenings for Elementary to Pre-Intermediate level students.

Festivals and Special Days in Britain
Pre-intermediate–Upper-intermediate (A2–B2)
96 pages
An enjoyable, exciting and interactive introduction to British culture with lots of photocopiable exercises and activities. Many traditional celebrations are covered such as Pancake Day, Christmas and Bonfire Night as well as more contemporary events including the Notting Hill Carnival, Chinese New Year and Ramadan.

For Real! English in Everyday Situations (with CD)
Intermediate (B1)
96 pages
CD or cassette
A wealth of activities based on reading and listening realia (authentic or simulated-authentic) at an elementary to upper-intermediate level. Supports teachers presenting a ‘Background to Britain’ through a range of authentic and semi-authentic maps, menus, and street plans. The book presents real cities, real events, and real people.

Pre-intermediate–Intermediate (A1–B1)
96 pages
Timesaver Games contains dozens of timesaving and motivating, photocopiable activities for immediate use in the classroom.

Grammar Activities: Elementary
Elementary (A1)
96 pages
Aimed at students who have 0-1 years of English, age group of 11-12 years old. This book is designed to provide fun and stimulating grammar activities which teachers can use easily to complement their standard ELT syllabus.

Grammar Activities: Pre-intermediate-Intermediate
Pre-intermediate-Intermediate (A2-B1)
80 pages
A further resource of lively material to introduce and practise grammar at pre- and intermediate level. Includes logic problems, personality tests, quizzes, word searches, games, group and pair work tasks. The follow-up title to Timesaver Grammar Activities (Elementary).

Holidays and Special Days in the USA
Elementary – Intermediate
96 pages
Aimed at students who have 1 to 3+ years of English, age group 11-16 years old. The book is designed to provide a range of games and activities which extend students’ knowledge of US culture.

Intermediate Listening (with CDs)
Intermediate–Advanced (B1–C1)
96 pages
2 CDs: 2½ hours
This book contains a motivating range of communicative activities based around authentic and semi-authentic listenings for Intermediate to Advanced level students.

London! (with poster)
Elementary–Intermediate (A1–B1)
80 pages
Free map
This book contains a variety of reading texts, activities and games on every aspect of London life – sightseeing, travel, sport, shopping, museums, galleries and, of course, on Londoners themselves.

Mind Twisters, Puzzles & Games
Elementary-Intermediate (A1-B1)
80 pages
A collection of over 50 entirely authentic games and puzzles, adapted for the ELT classroom. Students will love the quirky activities which give them real motivation to communicate.

New Timesavers for English Teachers
Elementary (A1)
96 pages (70 photocopiable pages)
This book is a selection of ready-made visual ideas with illustrative, photcopiable worksheets on topics including home, food and drink, holidays, occupations and schools, as well as realia such as maps and forms. There is also a section at the back with grammar activities. This book can be adapted for use at all levels.

Newspaper Articles to Get Teenagers Talking
88 pages
Upper-Intermediate–Advanced (B2–C1)
A collection of articles from a variety of British newspapers covering themes from environment and war to food and shopping. Great material to get your students discussing the issues of the day!

Personality Quizzes
Elementary–Upper Intermediate (A1–B2)
80 pages
Teenagers have no greater interest than themselves! One of the most compelling features of almost any teen magazine, anywhere in the world is the personality quiz. This book provides 50 of the most engaging personality quizzes covering all the areas of teenager interest including Love and Romance, Friendship, Travel and Adventure, Clothes and Fashion, Family, and more…

Phrasal Verbs and Idioms
Pre-Intermediate–Advanced (A2–C1)
80 pages
Fun and stimulating activities for both presentation and practice of the most commonly used phrasal verbs and idioms in English. Ideal for all classes and especially for students studying for exams.

Pronunciation Activities (with CD and poster)
Elementary–Intermediate (A1–B1)
96 pages
This essential resource is full of fun pronunciation activities aiming to improve students’ fluency and confidence and to equip them with the skills they need to understand and be understood in the world today.

Project Work
Elementary–Intermediate (A1–B1)
96 pages
Fifteen engaging and motivating projects on wide ranging topics specifically at teenagers: from “Create a New Pop Group” to “Survive in the Jungle” and from “Design a New Outfit” (for a pop or sports star) to “Create a class Website”.

Read and React
Beginner–Intermediate (pre-A1–B1)
80 pages
Stimulating, up-to-date reading texts specifically aimed at teenagers learning English, covering a wide range of topics from Celebrities to Technology; and from Animals to Sport.

Raps! for Learning English (with audio CD)
Elementary–Pre-Intermediate (A1–A2)
64 pages
CD or cassette
ELT songs and jazz chants are now brought right up-to-date with 25 cool raps to support lexical and grammatical development. Fun activities with funny illustrations extend the language points, with a full index to help the teacher find the right rap.

Reading Lessons
Intermediate–Advanced (B1–C1)
80 pages
A photocopiable collection of stimulating, topical reading texts which are specifically aimed at teenagers learning English. A wide variety of text types (from detailed articles to cartoons – all from recent issues of Mary Glasgow’s EFL Magazines) are accompanied by lots of excellent teaching ideas and tasks to help teachers exploit these texts to the full.

Speaking Activities
Pre-intermediate–Advanced (A2–C1)
80 pages
Collection of fun speaking activities which will really motivate students to communicate in English. Activities include role plays, dialogues, discussions and speaking games, focusing on specific language areas as well as general communication.

Storyboard: 24 Stories Through Pictures (with CDs)
Pre-Intermediate–Intermediate (A2–B1)
80 pages
This essential resource contains 24 picture stories each accompanied by a variety of mixed-skills tasks, culminating in the students writing their own version of the story. The stories cover various genres including reportage, human interest stories and comedy.

Teen Life - UK! (with DVD)
Intermediate–Advanced (B1–C1)
64 pages
DVD/Video: 1.5 hours
Teenagers live and breathe a world of sophisticated media with which traditional teaching materials struggle to compete. Teen Life – UK! brings highly motivating material – originally written for teenagers watching the UK’s Channel 5 – into your classroom.

Visual Grammar
Elementary-Intermediate (A1-B1)
80 pages
This book provides a comprehensive collection of the main grammar points covered at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels, practised through a series of fun and lively picture prompts.

Vocabulary Activities: Elementary
Elementary (A1)
96 pages
Aimed at students who have 0-1 years of English, age group of 11-12 years old. This book is designed to provide interesting and exciting grammar activities which teachers can use easily to complement their standard ELT syllabus.

Vocabulary Activities: Pre-intermediate - Intermediate
Pre-intermediate–Intermediate (A2–B1)
80 pages
Fun, simple activities which teachers can use with students to practise vocabulary. Covers a wide range of vocabulary topics and is ideal for presenting and practising vocabulary. Activities include crosswords, logic problems, personality tests, quizzes, word searches and board games, and can be used for self-study or homework, as well as supplementing course work.

Writing Activities
Elementary–Pre-Intermediate (A1–B1)
96 pages
Fun with writing for teenage students of English, with a wide variety of different types of writing: text messages, postcards, e-mails, letters, online chat room writing, and more…

Download links
Timesaver Grammar Activities (Elem).pdf
Timesaver Grammar Activities (Pre-Int).pdf
Timesaver Visual Grammar.pdf
Timesaver Phrasal Verbs and Idioms.pdf
Timesaver Vocabulary Activities (Elem).pdf
Timesaver Vocabulary Activities (Pre-Int).pdf
Timesaver Elementary Listening.pdf
Timesaver Intermediate Listening.pdf
Timesaver Pronunciation Activities.pdf
Audio Elementary Listening 
Audio Intermediate Listening 
Audio Pronunciation Activities
Timesaver Cross-Curricular English Activities.pdf
Timesaver Newspaper Articles.pdf
Timesaver Storyboard.pdf
 Audio 🎧 Storyboard
Timesaver London.pdf
Timesaver Festivals in Britain.pdf
Timesaver British History Highlights.pdf
Timesaver New York.pdf
Timesaver Holidays in the USA.pdf
Timesaver Teen Life UK.pdf
 Video 📺 Teen Life UK!
Timesaver Read and React.pdf
Timesaver Reading Lessons.pdf
Timesaver Writing Activities.pdf
Timesaver Speaking Activities.pdf
Timesaver Raps.pdf
Timesaver Mind Twisters Puzzles and Games.pdf
Audio 🎧 Raps
Timesaver Games.pdf
Timesaver Project Work.pdf
Timesaver Picture Prompts.pdf
Timesaver Personality Quizzes.pdf
Timesaver For Real.pdf
Timesaver 40 Combined Skills Lessons.pdf
Timesaver 50 Mixed-ability Grammar Lessons.pdf
Timesaver New Timesavers for English Teachers.pdf
Audio 🎧 40 Combined Skills Lessons

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