[Series] Longman Junior Comprehension Book 1 2 3 — FULL Ebook Download #142

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A graded series of illustrated reading comprehension books for young learners. Rich in vocabulary and language development, it features high-interest readings to motivate and entertain students.

Pre-reading tasks introduce students to the unit topic.
Comprehension tasks check general and detailed understanding.
Includes step-by-step teacher’s notes and answer key.

Longman Junior Comprehension 1

Where's your cousin?
A new pen-friend
At the airport
Young giraffes
Mr Eat-All
Where does rain come from?
'Who's the boss here?'
Who do you believe?
The silent robber
Animal talk
The policeman and the cat
People of the world
A true story
Bill and Ben
Footprints on the Moon
The crow and the water jar
Racing driver
Magic string

Longman Junior Comprehension 2

How can animals live in a desert?
Two farmers
E-mail from England
On the road
Sport superlatives
Shark! (part 1)
Shark! (part 2)
Adventure racing
The moving stones
Animals: ten fantastic facts
Computers at home
The coffee story
Ten chairs
Favourite cat and mouse
Fair play
The man, the boy and the donkey
The girl in the red T-shirt
Jealous Ken

Longman Junior Comprehension 3

Fast food
The picnic
The science lesson
Learn a second language
USA holiday diary
Fun with science
The Wright brothers
Have you heard the joke about…
The talkative tortoise
School stories
Making a TV serial
How to use a computer safely
A detective puzzle
Girl on the Titanic (part 1)
Girl on the Titanic (part 2)
Letters to a magazine
A builder’s story

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