[Series] Fly High 1 2 3 4 Studen Teacher Workbook Activities Test — FULL Ebook + Audio Download #145

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Follow the FlyHigh characters on their crazy adventures. Humorous cartoon stories, games, and songs get pupils singing along and help them to recycle important language. There is even more practise on the CD-ROM!

And for teachers, find all the support you need for lesson planning and keeping your class motivated and meaningful.

This Interactive Whiteboard software is the perfect classroom tool to bring lessons alive and motivate students. It offers the teacher all the Students' Book lessons, audio and video at the press of a button in the classroom as well as a wealth of additional resources to help prepare lessons, such as extra downloadable activities, tests and workshops to upgrade their teaching skills.

Download links
File Fly High 1 (Pupils Book).PDF
File Fly High 1 (Class CD).rar
File Fly High 1 (Activity Book).pdf
File Fly High 1 (Teachers Book).pdf
File Fly High 1 (Flashcards Alphabet).rar
File Fly High 1 (Flashcards Vocabulary).rar
File 1. Fly High 2 (Pupils Book).PDF
File 2. Fly High 2 (Pupil's Audio CDs).rar
File 3. Fly High 2 (Class Audio CDs).rar
File 4. Fly High 2 (Activity Book+CDROM).rar
File 5. Fly High 2 (Teacher's Book+Tests).rar
File 6. Fly High 2 (Fun Grammar).rar
File 7. Fly High 2 (Phonics).pdf
File Fly High 3 - Pupils Book.pdf
File Fly High 3 - Activity Book.pdf
File Fly High 3 - Teachers Guide.pdf
File Fly High 3 - Lesson Plans.doc
File Fly High 3 Fun Grammar - PB.pdf
File Fly High 3 Fun Grammar - TB.pdf
Fly High 3 - Audio, CDs, Tests.rar
File FlyHigh 4 Pupil's Book.pdf
File FlyHigh 4 Activity Book.pdf
File FlyHigh 4 Teacher's Guide.pdf
File FlyHigh 4 Fun Grammar.pdf
File FlyHigh 4 Fun Grammar Teacher's Guide.pdf
FlyHigh 4 - CDs and Tests.rar

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