Phrasal verbs & Idioms Organisers (Thomson) — FULL Ebook Download #152

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Idioms Organiser: Organised by Metaphor, Topic, and Key Word (Language Teaching Publications)

IDIOMS ORGANISER is the most comprehensive idioms practice book for intermediate and advanced students. It is ideal for all students preparing for the FCE, CAE, Proficiency, and TOEFL exams. IDIOMS ORGANISER takes this difficult area for students and organises it in such a way that students at last can make sense of it.

Phrasal Verb Organiser (Phrasal Verbs) (LTP Orgniser Series)

PHRASAL VERB ORGANISER is a comprehensive practice book which makes phrasal verbs easier to understand and learn. It does what its title promises: it organises this difficult but essential area of English.

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Thomson Heinle Press Idioms Organiser 
Thomson Phrasal Verb Organiser 

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