8 Secrets to English Success – Listening and Speaking — FULL Premium Course Download #171

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After this course, you’ll be able to understand native English speakers much better.
JOIN ALMOST 600 STUDENTS WHO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY IMPROVED THEIR ENGLISH LISTENING SKILLS WITH THIS COURSE. “8 Secrets to English Success – Listening and Speaking” gives generous practice understanding many different native speakers — men, women, people in their twenties, thirties– all using real English in real situations. All lessons are closed-captioned so you can see the words as you listen.
“Easy, natural way to understand native speakers. I would absolutely recommend it. Before taking this course, I went through many courses, but none of them were as comprehensive as ‘8 Secrets’. It takes you by the hand and teaches you the real secrets to understanding native speakers. Easy to follow and entertaining. I would absolutely recommend it.” Salvatore Scaniglia
“Exactly what I wanted to learn! I couldn’t recognize those sounds before going through these lessons.” Vadim Dzyuban
“This course helps you a lot on your listening, 5-star recommended.” Sant Cheung
“8 Secrets to English Success – Listening and Speaking” Beginning Level is Step 1 of Nina’s popular listening-to-real-English program that she teaches at universities, companies such as Toyota Motor Sales (from 1999 to now), and that she taught at Harvard University as a teaching fellow. In this course, you’ll quickly learn the most important secrets to understanding native English speakers. There are two levels in this listening program — beginning and intermediate. Nina recommends that you start here, with the beginning level.
To succeed at English-speaking universities and businesses, you need real world English — the English you hear in everyday life. Nina wrote the first listening book for a major publisher on real English — “Whaddaya Say” (Pearson Education, 45 printings). This course teaches you the most popular pronunciation changes that happen when native English speakers talk at a natural speed. Words aren’t pronounced separately. Sounds blend together. Nina teaches you the most important rules for these changes, and how to understand them in real spoken English. Then you’ll get important practice exercises in each lesson. This practice will help you to test and improve your hearing and understanding of real English speakers in real situations.
BONUS! You’ll also get practice sounding more like a native speaker. Nina will give you a very important secret in the last lesson that will make your English sound more natural immediately.
Nina’s students consistently get high scores on the listening sections of tests like the TOEFL and the TOEIC. Her students are better listeners.
“8 MORE Secrets to Understanding Native English Speakers” INTERMEDIATE LEVEL is the next class in Nina’s listening program. You can learn directly from your teacher, Nina, just as students at various universities and Toyota Motor Sales do. Nina is very excited about offering you this course, and personally helping you with your English goals!
What are the requirements?
High beginning English level or higher
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 13 lectures and 1 hour of content!
Understand more real English spoken by native English speakers — men and women, young and old, etc.
Improve your English conversation. Conversation is 50% listening. When your listening improves, your conversation can also improve.
Improve your understanding of workplace English — for H1B workers and anyone who wants to work with English speakers!
Learn to understand how words in sentences “blend”. Learn the “music” of English and how it helps you to understand more!
Use the fast secret in the last lesson to immediately make your own English sound more like a native speaker’s.
Get better scores on the listening sections of tests like the TOEFL and the TOEIC!
Become more comfortable with different English accents!
What is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to speak with and understand native English speakers
International English students
English as a Second Language learners
English as a Foreign Language learners
International students
Business people

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8 Secrets to English Success – Listening and Speaking

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