8 MORE Secrets to Understanding Native English Speakers — FULL Premium Course Download #170

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Taught by Nina Weinstein, an English language expert with a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of California, Los Angeles, a teaching fellowship at Harvard University, and twenty English textbooks that are sold all over the world.
This is the same English listening course for international learners that Nina gives at major international corporations such as Toyota Motor Sales. There are easy-to-follow captions, and many listening exercises to practice in each lesson. The goal is to begin to prepare you to hear almost every word.
There are two levels in Nina’s English listening program — beginning and intermediate. This is the intermediate level.
Speed of speech changes the pronunciation of spoken English. Basically, the faster native speakers talk, the harder it is to understand them, unless you learn and practice these spoken English pronunciation rules. The beginning level, “8 Secrets to English Success You Must Know”, introduced learners to the most important pronunciation rules of native English speakers (reduced forms). It introduced learners to the rhythm or “music” of English sentences and many important spoken English pronunciations by real native English speakers.
In this course, “8 MORE Secrets to Understanding Native English Speakers”, Intermediate —
Nina will teach you the next group of important pronunciation changes in natural spoken English. After you practice hearing and understanding English as it’s really spoken, you’ll be able to understand native English speakers much better.
In the practice exercises, Nina will teach you to begin to hear almost every word. Why is this important? We’re all connected in the world now. We can study together. Many of us want to work internationally. If you can hear almost every word of English, you can correct your own grammar because you can hear the correct grammar more clearly. You can learn new vocabulary because you can hear the words. Your conversation will be better because at least half of conversation is listening.
You’ll get special secrets to quickly sound more like a native English speaker. Finally, you’ll take a listening test at the end of the course to show you what your next steps should be.
Nina isn’t just teaching you a class. She’s staying with you until you learn a skill. When your listening improves, your English skills will also improve.
What are the requirements?
Nina recommends taking “8 Secrets to English Success You Must Know” Beginning Level first.
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 14 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
Understand real native English speakers — men, women, people in their twenties, thirties, etc.
Do many practice listening exercises to prepare you to hear almost every word of English
Improve your English conversation. Conversation is 50% listening, so improving listening comprehension can also improve English conversation.
Improve your understanding of workplace English — for H1B workers and all employees!
What is the target audience?
International English learners
Employees at international companies
ESL and EFL learners
Anyone who would like to speak with native English speakers

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8 MORE Secrets to Understanding Native English Speakers

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