[Series] Pearson Speak Out Beginner Elementary Pre Upper Intermediate Advanced — FULL Ebook + Audio Download #043

9:53:00 AM

The real world in your classroom!
The award-winning course that invites you and your students to discover English as it is really spoken. Speakout builds up all the skills and knowledge students need to express themselves confidently in a real English-speaking environment.

Each unit of Speakout opens with a clear overview of the content and learning objectives. The course covers all 4 skills areas as well as grammar and vocabulary and functional grammar.  Each unit cuminates with a DVD lesson based around an extract from a real BBC programme.

The Active Book includes:

Easy navigation of the Students' Book pages with zoom facility
Video and audio available at the touch of a button
Video Podcasts with accompanying worksheets
BBC programme clips that can be played in a DVD player or computer

Download links
File Speakout Starter Student's Book red_.pdf
File speakout starter teachers book_.pdf
File speakout starter audio.rar
File speak out starter workbook red_.pdf
File speakout starter wb audio.rar
File For teacher.rar
File Student's book_.pdf
File Student's book_Audio.rar
File Workbook & Audio.rar
File Tests.rar
File Resource Pack.rar
File DVD_1-4.rar
File DVD_5-8.rar
File DVD_9-12.rar
File Student's book_.pdf
File Student's book_Audio.rar
File Workbook & Audio.rar
File Additional resources.rar
File DVD 1-4.rar
File DVD 5-8.rar
File DVD 9-12.rar
File DVD 12.rar
File SpeakOut Intermediate Stb__.pdf
File audio.rar
File Speak Out Intermmediate teachers resource book_..
File speakout_intermediate_workbook.rar
File Resource pack, tests, scripts, podcasts.rar
File Speakout Upper-Intermediate Student's Book__.pdf
File Speakout upper-intermediate teachers resource b..
File WB.rar
File Extra.rar
File Video 1,2.rar
File Video 3,4.rar
File Video 5-7.rar
File Video 8,9.rar
File Video 10.rar
File Speakout Advanced Student's Book_.pdf
File SB Audio.rar
File Speakout Advanced Workbook_.pdf
File WB Audio.rar
File Speakout Advanced Teacher's Book_.pdf
File podcasts 1.rar
File podcasts 2.rar

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