Longman Photo Dictionary 3rd British — FULL Ebook + Audio Download #113

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This is an illustrated dictionary designed for students at elementary and intermediate level. The dictionary covers a wide range of everyday objects and activities in vocabulary areas likely to be encountered by adult learners. For ease of use, words are grouped together either by context (The Kitchen, The Airport) or by category (Emotions, Fish, Sea Animals). Colour photographs are used to illustrate more than 2000 words in realistic everyday contexts. The photographs present such situations as eating in a restaurant, exercising in a gym, visiting the doctor, dentist, bank or post office etc, so giving cultural as well as linguistic information. Each unit ends with exercises designed to stimulate conversation and guide the students in describing the scenes or in using the vocabulary to discuss their own lives and opinions. It also contains an alphabetical word list with full IPA pronunciations.

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Longman Photo Dictionary British English CD

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