The Complete Guide To The TOEIC Test — FULL Ebook + Audio Download #100

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 The Complete Guide To The TOEIC Test

The Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test provides learners with a clearly organized, step-by-step program for maximizing test scores. It is the most complete and up-to-date guide to the TOIEC Test on the market.This is a good coursebook for those who wish to improve their skills and prepare for a New Edition TOEIC Exam.

It provides learners with a clearly organised, step-by-step programme for maximising their test scores and remains the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the TOEIC® test available.

Each lesson covers the seven parts of the new TOEIC® Test and includes 'Format', 'Tactics', 'Preview Test', 'Testing Points', 'Skills-Building Exercises', and a 'Review Test'.
'Listening Comprehension' and 'Reading' sections reflect the updates in the new test.
A 'Q&A' section provides background information on the test plus a clear outline of the new test format.
'Eight Keys to Higher Scores' suggest ways to prepare for the exam, and give overall strategies for taking the TOEIC® Test.
An Audio Script and Answer Key booklet contains scripts for the listening material and answer keys for all the exercises and tests.
An Audio Programme uses the wide variety of accents included in the 'Listening Comprehension' section.
An updated 'Getting Started' section provides a detailed outline of the new test.
Two complete Practice Tests simulate actual tests in terms of format, content, and difficulty.

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