Advanced Listening Comprehension by Patricia Dunkel & Frank Pialorsia — FULL Audio Video Download #004

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Advanced Listening Comprehension --by Patricia Dunkel & Frank Pialorsia ► FULL Audio Video Download

The third edition of this groundbreaking book includes videotaped lectures in DVD or VHS format. Now teachers can use the audio program (available on both tapes and CD - SOLD SEPARATELY) with the support of video simulation of an academic lecture experience. Many new and updated lectures with high-interest topics are included. Lectures and readings on topics of universal interest provide stimulating content-based material for developing comprehension, notetaking, and academic study skills.


  • Compelling cross-curricular lectures for stimulating, up-to-date content.
  • Pre- and post-listening activities.
  • Spiraled vocabulary, structures, and rhetorical patterns.
  • Content-based units and lectures.
  • Guided notetaking practice.


  • Unit One.Anthropology: The Evolution of Human Endeavor.
    • 1. Anthropology.
    • 2. The Concept of Culture.
  • Unit Two. History: The Passing of Time and Civilizations.
    • 3. The Egyptian Pyramids.
    • 4. The First Emperor of China.
  • Unit Three. Sociology: Women, Men, and Changing Roles.
    • 5. The Women’s Movement.
    • 6. The Men’s Movement.
  • Unit Four. Communication: The Influence of Language, Culture, and Gender.
    • 7. Classroom.
    • 8. Gender and Communication.
  • Unit Five. Biology: Understanding Genetics to Genetic Engineering.
    • 9. The Origins of Genetics.
    • 10. Genetic Engineering in the Biotech Century.
  • Appendix A: Audioscripts.
  • Appendix B: Answer Keys.

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